With over 11 years of experience, helping businesses to grow. 
English, French & Italian


With 11 years of experience as a freelance translator proficient in English, French and Italian, I bring a wealth of linguistic expertise and cultural understanding to every project. My commitment to delivering accurate and nuanced translations has been honed through a diverse range of assignments, covering fields such as business, finance, legal, and much more. 

I obtained my Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Translation from New York University School of Professional Studies in Translation (French <> English). I also completed courses at NYU in Advanced Legal and Technical Translation. Furthermore, I hold a Certificate in Paralegal Studies and I am EN<>FR certified.

I am not just translating words, but capturing the essence and nuance on the source material, ensuring that the message is conveyed with precision and cultural sensitivity. My linguistic versatility allows me to seamlessly navigate between English, French and Italian, providing clients with a comprehensive language solution.


Over the years, I have cultivated a reputation for delivering high-quality work with agreed-upon deadlines. My attention to detail, linguistic finesse, and commitment to client satisfaction set me apart in the competitive field of translation. Whether it's a contract, website content, marketing materials, I approach each project with dedication and a passion for linguistic excellence. My services include:

  • Performing high quality, fast, and cost-effective translations (English <> French and Italian >English, French) of legal, business, and financial documents
  • Providing transcreation services for the French and English-speaking markets: translation adapted to the culture of the target market
  • Website content and SEO for well-known brands
  • Performing quality-control checks, including reviewing third-party translations for fluency, content accuracy, and grammatical correctness
  • Providing transcription of audio/video files to texts


The time it takes to translate a document depends upon its length and also its degree of technical difficulty. Per-project pricing is available. Please email me with any questions and requirements.

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